White Blue Love Printed Bedsheet

MOQ :- 200 Sets
Buniness Type : - Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter
Category :- Bedsheet

Product Details :-

Elevate Your Bedroom's Aesthetic Appeal:
Enhance the beauty of your bedroom with this exquisite bedding set. Its exclusive design and premium quality make it an ideal choice to transform your space.

Dress Your Bed with Elegance:
Choose from our versatile and alluring range of Exotica Double Bedsheets from Super Deals For to infuse style into your bed. These Jaipuri-printed bed sheets showcase traditional-themed floral patterns in vibrant hues.

Gentle on Your Skin, Easy to Care For:
Crafted from 100 percent cotton, these bedsheets are not just visually pleasing but also gentle on your skin. They are easy to clean and resistant to color fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Unparalleled Comfort Awaits:
Few things in life compare to the comfort of a welcoming bed at home. This vibrant and ethnic range of bed sheets offers the perfect blend of comfort and design, ensuring you enjoy a peaceful sleep, especially during the summer.

Tailor to Your Preferences:
The bedsheet cloth is skillfully stitched at both ends, providing you with the flexibility to use it in your preferred manner. This is a unique feature of Jaipuri Bedsheets, allowing you to customize your bedding experience.

Pillow Cover
2 Pieces
100% Pure Cotton, Hand Printed And Color
Pink & White
Machine Wash
Fitted (L x W): 220 cm X 240 cm | Flat (L x W): 220 cm X 240 cm king style